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Yenni Thuniga Tamil Movie Cast, Teaser, Trailer, Songs, Release Date (2021)



Yenni Thuniga Tamil Movie

Iga Yeni Dunika ‘is an upcoming Tamil movie [2021] Cast, Teaser, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

J.P. Dinesh Kumar edits the camera and VJ Sabu Joseph edits the film. Yeni Tunika is the 27th film in the life of film actor Jay. The title poster, released on 11 December 2019, looks rude and sharp. In an interview, the director said, “The title translates roughly to thought and action. I inspired the title from a popular voice in the script.

It says you may have many ideas before you get into action, but once you start something, don’t back down. The same thing happens with the character of Jain Kadir. He plays the role of an IT person and Athulya his passion for love. He is a normal human being, but some events take revenge on him.

Director SK Vedri Selvan
Creator Suresh Subramaniam
Script SK Vedri Selvan
Style Action play
Story SK Vedri Selvan
Passed Jay, Anjali Nair
Music Sam C.S.
Cinematographer J.P. Dineshkumar
Author VJ Sabu Joseph
Construction system Arrow Entertainment Rain
Release date 2020
Language: Hindi Tamil

Yeni Tunica Movie Poster

Yeni Tunica movie
Yeni Tunica movie

Yeni Tunika Movie Actors

Here are the leading actors of the upcoming Tamil film Yeni Duninga,

Yeni Tunika Tamil Movie Teaser

Yenni Tunica Movie Review

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