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Watch Online Hamara Bar Happy Hour Streaming On Disney+Hotstar



Hamara Bar Happy Hour

Hamara Bar Happy Hour, another web series launched on 7 May 2021 on India’s largest OTT platform, has been receiving positive feedback from viewers and critics alike. The star actors of this series are vibrant and modern, while the whole series is vibrant and youthful and is definitely going to gain more recognition among the youth in the coming weeks. Due to the current circumstances, many producers are now introducing their films and series on the digital platform, which has certainly benefited the producers and the audience in a difficult way.

Our Bar Off Time (Quick)

The web series “Hummer for Happy Hour” is produced by Hummer Cuttack. The series is available in Hindi, with English subtitles provided. All episodes of the series can be found on the popular OTT site Disney + Hotstar. However to watch this series, one has to pay the subscription amount first. It’s been two days since the web series went digital, and so far the series has received mixed reviews from viewers.

Hamara Bar Happy Hour Web Series: Plot

The story of this series revolves around four friends, Siva, Fudu, Kulshan and Bari, whose whole life has turned into a tragedy. All four artists have struggled and are working hard to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, meanwhile they are also running a bar called “Purna Anand” provided by the bar owner. The bar is the only source of their income, however, and one day the bar owner’s son already messes up his life and makes his life worse than before, claiming his rights to the bar.

Hamara Bar Happy Hour Web Series: Cast

On April 30, 2021, producer Disney Plus released the trailer for the series on Hotstar’s official YouTube channel, and to date, the trailer has been viewed 3.6K times. The audience loved the performance of the star actors in this series.

  • Kulshan is played by Pranay Manchanda
  • Shiva played the role of Shiva
  • Fatu Manik is played by Babaneja
  • Starring Kriti Vij Bari.

Publishing a series on the OTT platform allows creators to reach a wider audience, while viewers can view a variety of exciting series and watch their favorite web series in their homes. The new web series “Hamra Bar Happy Hour” can be streamed on Disney + Hotstar. New episodes are released every day. So, don’t forget to watch the fun and entertaining journey of the four friends as they try to establish their careers as an actor, as well as struggle to run their bar. Stay with us